Ahmari Lia is a seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter of electronic pop music from Florida, USA. Influenced by everything from Pop to Futurebass, and by artists such as Porter Robinson, Ahmari Lia brings a fresh approach to music performance, combining her artistic vision with a pop sensibility that has positioned her as the next young break out artist of her generation.​


While Ahmari Lia pulls influences from many cultural wellsprings, her music reflects the sincerity of someone her age, but with the musical maturity of a much more seasoned artist. Her latest single, Holiday Road has already broken the 500,000 views mark on YouTube in two months, and shows no signs of slowing down.


Interests in all things kawaii (cute) are apparent in Ahmari Lia’s body of work, and have inspired ideas that reach beyond music into the wider pop culture landscape. The ‘Holiday Road’ video features one of her most recent creations, ‘Mandy Bear’, and hints at future aspirations of not only musical success, but of building an empire around her innate ability to tap into global cultures from the US to Japan and beyond.


Ahmari Lia has performed live and written all of her own music, as well as produced several music videos which can be found on her YouTube channel, showing that she is not your average studio artist, but can also bring the house down in front of a crowd.


Taking her name, Ahmari (Greek for ‘forever beautiful’), as a suggestion from her mother and combining it with her real name, Lia, she perfectly embodies the aural and visual image of her name. You can hear her brand new Christmas song, Do You Believe now on YouTube.

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