Gen z vs. Generation. Why is Gen z facing the double standard!

My name is Ahmari Lia, I am an artist/creator, but I'm also apart of Gen Z. I can't stress enough, that the proximity I am about to reach may seem a bit outlandish and unrequited, but I assure you it's not far from the truth.

For the past four months, almost every, if not every person in our country and this whole world has received lockdown orders. Schools are closed, which means no proms, no sports, no interaction, no memories. All things are closed and shut down, even for the adults. People are required or asked to quarantine, which means to self-isolate, or at least that's what it should mean. However, this rule seems to be very lenient, particularly where I live and in other states occasionally. According to the CDC, golf is an allowed sport, but can I ask the question, is there not interaction there? Hiking is permitted, and people can go to state public parks, but isn't interaction bound to happen even in this circumstance? Beaches are opening. Boat lifts are reassured, all with the simple cost of staying away from each other. But how is any of this considered social distancing? I asked myself these questions, and then it dawned upon me. I awoke from my fogged cabin fever brain if these adults are allowed to have such activities, why aren't teens, especially Gen z, allowed to do such outdoor activities within the school?

You may say well; they'll spread easier to family and friends. But let me ask you the question, aren't Gen z's the one staying inside while the adults go out to fulfill actives and day to day needs? Most of the older generations, like the boomer and Gen Y, are spreading this disease. Also, older Generations are the ones at higher risk (At the one moment, of course). I can attest to that assumption, for I had tribute my song to a bus driver who was, eligibly, killed by an older adult who was coughing on the bus. No, I'm not saying, "we'll let us go back to school, it's fine! We won't get sick!" what I'm saying is if you're going to allow these high-risk adults to interact with others unprecedentedly outdoors, shouldn't we as Gen z be allowed to do so? Shouldn't we, Gen z, the seemingly low-risk class, be allowed to have the same social allowance as the high-risk adults? If we are to quarantine, then do like the definition states. People are also protesting with no-fault; honestly, this is irritating, just through social distancing through a window. Also, some major league sports teams are going to play in empty stadiums, but I guess it's all for the money, right? Because a bunch of high school/ childhood memories and lifetimes don't matter, right?

We Gen z are losing out on the most crucial times of our lives, and I truly wish people wouldn't play with our time and childhood. You are only a teen once, you only graduate once, you only go to prom once, yet people are complaining about their hair, going to the beach, or how they can't --

- go outside, and yet they are given lenient controls. Yes, all of our lives have changed, but we as Gen z are trying our hardest to keep up with everything, which includes school, our mental health, and time, as it slips through our hands. So, when people complain about petty things or leisurely ideals, we as Gen z, on the other hand, will never be able to get our teenage years back. Especially the graduating highschool school seniors; they're on a road that ends and begins on another.

Since it is 2020, we as a country should find other ways to host prom, sports, and all essential activities which make our childhood an everlasting memory. Whether that be online; in hazmat suits; with masks; in empty stadiums. Hence some way, so we don't forgo everything that makes childhood/ teen years memorable. In addition to this article, my next song will be dedicated to all the Gen z's who are genuinely struggling through this time. A painted picture from my lips to your ears. Because I know, Life sucks sometimes, but you're not alone in this.

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