They Say Generation Z has No Empathy, but I Care

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Let’s show the world that our generation not only cares, but is ready to make a change in ourselves and in the world!

Recently I’ve been wondering how other generations made it through epidemics, pandemics, and times of war. I feel like what we are living through right now is all of those things, and it's honestly scary. Other Generations who went through times like this must have felt scared, sad and claustrophobic. I belong to Gen-Z, and I feel like we get a bad rap. Most of the time when people refer to my generation they think we're heartless, uninterested, or our lives revolve around social media. Some of that might be true, but over the last month, let me tell you, it isn’t true for all of us.

Corona Virus, Our War

For the first time ever, I not only understand how valuable the freedom to go to the supermarket is, (lol) but I recognize that those you love are what should be cherished the most. During quarantine, I've had moments where I was about ready to pull someone's hair out, vice versa my sister was ready to do the same, lol, but I began to realize I shouldn't take being able to hug my loved ones or watch a movie with them for granted. I have read many stories online about people on the front lines leaving their loved ones and dying while doing their job. It's sad, and the pain they feel is indefinite. For me, I don't care about materialistic things or occasional leisures because it is more important to recognize those people who are out there risking everything to keep us all safe. I get to be at home, and anything I want is delivered right to my door. I get to stay home out of harm’s way, but so many millions of front line workers and others can’t do that right now.

Protect Our Front Line!

Front line workers (nurses, doctors, police etc.) aren’t as lucky as some of us, they have to go out, they have to save lives and we, as a generation, should recognize their sense of duty and honor them with love and compassion. I truly feel a deep sadness in my heart each time I hear a front line worker has died because that was someone's mother/father uncle/aunt/brother/sister/friend. Gen-Z is always told how selfish and entitled we are, but now, with the world in a state of war the likes of which haven’t been seen in 100+ years, it’s time for us to rise up and lend our voice to this battle.

I care, and I know that others in my generation do too, we just haven’t been heard until now.

In a time where all of us have been known to take things for granted a bit too often, let's besomething more than just ourselves; let's do something that will have meaning to you and others when the pandemic reaches its end. Our Communities and our front line workers need support and empathy; because if no one else cares at least we do! We as a generation should do something about the many issues surrounding the pandemic, working with others would be life-changing not only for ourselves but for those around us; as well as all front line responders.

Let's Do Our Part

Be the best you can be and remember to care about yourself because you're important too, as well as the person next to you. Caring is Changing the World, if you believe you're not contributing; you are in many ways. No one wants to die amidst this, showing that you care shows that you want to make a change; it shows that you love yourself and those around you. Stay home, wash your hands, practice physical distancing and always remember that doing this shows you care!

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